Monday, July 8, 2013

Review and Swatches: San San Gel Eyeliner with Vitamin E

Hello lovely readers of this blog. It's a start of the new week and I will be blogging nonstop this week. Yes, you read it right. I need to make up for the times that I was absent, and because I feel bad about not hitting  my goal last month (at least 10 posts/month). Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts about the most affordable gel eyeliner that I know of, the San San Gel Eyeliner.

I absolutely love my San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, but as of the moment I grew tired of doing cat's eye and I very much prefer just tightlining my eyes, that is why I am on the hunt for a good gel eyeliner since they make tightlining so easy and they stay all day. This product intrigued me and it only costs ₱115.00 so it doesn't hurt my wallet that much.


As you can see, this eyeliner contains Parabens. I have heard a lot of concerns when it comes to products that contains parabens, good thing Bing of The Project Awesome recently made a post regarding parabens. Click here to read it as well.

This gel eyeliner comes in 2 shades, black and brown. The black one is almost always out of stock, and I wanted a more natural looking line so I opted for the brown one.

The thing that I like the most about this is that it is so small, perfect to put inside your makeup kit and it comes with a pretty decent brush.

Here are the swatches at the back of my hand:

First impression, I like how pigmented it is and it is easily blendable, making it as a good eyeshadow base too. The brush picks up the product pretty well. I am not sure though about the consistency of it since it is not as thick as I expected it to be, it's like a cream more than a gel for me.

I used it a few times already when I go out, and I was a bit disappointed. It was not as pigmented when I applied it to my eyes, giving me a hard time to achieve the opacity that I like and it takes time to totally dry and set on the eyes. 4 hours of humid weather, sweaty and teary eyes, oily lids and the eyeliner smudged. I was really disappointed since I was not expecting that kind of result.

What I like about this product:

  • Cheap and locally available.
  • The packaging and the brush included.
  • Can be used as an eyeshadow base.
  • Color is true brown, looks natural.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Does not have any smell.

What I didn't like about this product:
  • Not as pigmented when used on the eyes.
  • Smudges.
  • Consistency is like cream eyeliner, not gel eyeliner.
  • Takes time to dry and set.

Will I repurchase? No

Overall I was disappointed. Maybe it just did't work for me since I have watery eyes and my lids are pretty oily. It works great though as an eyeshadow base, which is what I use it for. Let me know your thoughts about it: did it work for you? Post a comment below. I really appreciate it when you guys comment, it makes my day and I love replying to you guys so comment away! Thank you so much for reading Pinay Beauties!

-- Maica :)


  1. becomingsleekJuly 9, 2013 at 10:49 AM

    I like that it's cheap, and the shade looks excellent. Can it be used for the brows? Parang pwede eh. I might get it for that.

    1. maicafrancesJuly 9, 2013 at 11:36 AM

      I think so, it will just depend on how you apply. But it's not as waxy so I think you still need to set it with powder para sure na sure. :)