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Review and Swatches: Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain

Hello Pinay Beauties! I am back with another review and this is something that a lot of people (friends and readers) have been asking me about since I posted my Bon Marche Haul, and I also mentioned it on my monthly favorites post a few days ago. It is the Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain.

Product Info:
- Moisturizing balm infused with a lightweight stain
- Applies with a glossy finish then transforms into the perfect flush of color
- Long lasting
- Retractable, no sharpening required
- Paraben-free
- Made in USA

Jordana Cosmetics is actually popular in the US for its high quality products in drugstore price. I always wanted to try their products but there are no online sellers here that carries this brand, so when I saw that CareFreeShopper is carrying these babies, I did not pass up the opportunity to try them out.

These balm stains come in 8 shades, all of them are really gorgeous and wearable, even for us Filipinas:
Nude Chic, Sweet Pink, Tropical Frenzy, Candied Coral, Honey Love,
Cranberry Crush, Rock n Rouge and Terra Crave

Packaging wise, I found the packaging very sturdy and unlike my Look Beauty Fat Lips, the product inside does not melt or move around. I also did not find it hard twisting the product up and down the tube. It also has the same packaging and amount of product as the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains.
Left: Jordana Twist & Shine, Right: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Now the main difference of this product is first, the smell. They smell so sweet like candies, unlike other lip balm stains that smells minty. Also, the finish of this is actually glossy. The gloss is not too much though, I think it is just enough to add shine to the lips.

I got two shades which are Terra Crave and my favorite, Candied Coral. Here is a side-by-side swatch:
Left: Terra Crave, Right: Candied Coral

Terra Crave
This shade is a cult favorite! The tube really shows what the color of the lipstick will be, what you see is what you get, It is a brown shade with a very slight hint of red to it, almost a spice color, which actually suits both young and mature people. If you wanted to try out a brown color but is afraid, I think this is a good place to start.
I cannot say that this shade is a MLBB shade for me, but I like how it gives a hint of color to the lips, it looks natural but people can definitely tell that you are wearing something on your lips.

Candied Coral
Now this one is my favorite out of the two. The packaging looks like a neon color, but is actually a true coral shade with a slight hint of pink, making it the perfect peachy coral shade for me.
I really love how this shade adds a pop of color to your look, and it doesn't make your teeth yellow unlike other orange-y shades.

These lip balms are super easy to apply because of the pencil shape and it glides on like butter. The smell doesn't wear off easily, and it definitely transfers. The shine will be gone once you eat/drink/smoke. What I do is I will let it set on my lips for a good 30 minutes, just so I am sure that the color has adhered and seeped through my lips before I eat or drink. Even though the shine is gone, it leaves an even, long lasting stain on the lips.

What I like about this product:
- Very affordable for only ₱285 each.
- Glides on smoothly.
- Moisturizing, doesn't dry out my lips nor emphasize dry areas.
- Pigmented, the colors are very opaque.
- Not too shiny/glossy.
- Leaves a stain on the lips, stain is even and not blotchy.
- Very easy to apply.
- Sturdy packaging.

What I didn't like about this product:
- Smell might be disturbing for some, doesn't wear off immediately.
- Transfers.
- Gloss/shine will be gone after eating/drinking/smoking.
- Not easily available, only available through CareFreeShopper.

And that is it for me review! Overall, I am really inlove with this product and I would love to collect all shades, if my budget allows. Have you tried this product before? What are your thoughts? Please do not forget to leave a comment below.

This is not a sponsored post. Everything written here is of my own and personal experience/opinion. Thank you so much for reading loves and I hope you enjoy this post. My next one would be the budget Valentines Day/date makeup tutorial. Stay pretty and goodluck!

-- Maica :)

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