Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: Romwe 24 Pc. Professional Soft Makeup Brush Set

Hello everyone! As promised, here is my review of this brush set that I have been enjoying for the past 2 weeks. It is the 24 Pc. Professional Soft Makeup Brush Set from Romwe.

I first saw this through Genzel Kisses (check out her own review here) and it was really interesting since she got a pink one. She said she initially purchased the brushes for display in her vanity area but was surprised that they perform really well, so I did my research too and was sold on how good these brushes despite their price.

They were initially sold for $20.99, but they are now selling it for $24.99. If you can get a discount code for 20%, it will bring the price down to $19.99 or around ₱890.00+ plus free shipping.

The downside? I waited for this brush set for 2 months! 2 months! The normal international shipping should only take 2 weeks, maximum of 3 weeks and don't get me started on their Customer Service. I work as a Customer Service Representative so I know what service I should be getting. Anyway, I am just glad that I loved these brushes when I got them, because if not it will be an overall bad experience for me.

Product Description (taken from Romwe)

Weight: 430g
Length of brushes varies from 17.5cm to 21.5cm (Approx)
Colors Available: Black, Pink and Wood
Brushes included:
5 x The Specifications Blush / Powder Brush
9 x The Specifications Eye Shadow Brush
1 x Concealer Brush Angle
1 x Eyebrow Brush
1 x Sponge Eye Shadow Brush
1 x Lip Liner Brush
1 x Eyebrow Comb brush
2 x Eye Liner Brush
1 x Eyelash Comb brush
1 x Lip Brush
1 x Extra brush
Package included: 1 x 24 Makeup brushes set

It comes in a faux leather pouch that is a bit bulky, since it contains 24 brushes. I tried to take a photo of the brushes inside the pouch, but it cannot fit into my little lightbox.
Now let's move on to my own thoughts on this brush set. I actually chose the black color since it looks really professional and I also love how long the handles are. The label of the brush is printed on the handles, and I also love that they named each brush from this set.
There are a total of 9 brushes with natural hairs, the rest is synthetic. Most of the face brushes have natural hairs, except for the synthetic foundation brush. I am not sure if they are made from goat or horse hair, but I love how soft they are! I was also impressed that they can pick up the product really well, especially the eye brushes.

I also experienced some shedding on the natural hair brushes, which are normal, but no bleeding. They are pretty easy to clean too.

Let's take a look on the brushes, yes?
Big Fan Brush - This brush is the perfect brush for applying your finishing powder, or sweeping off excess powders on the face. It feels really soft and smooth on the face. Some use this brush for contouring, but I find it a bit difficult to use for that purpose.

Powder Brush - I love the size of this brush. I mean, it is not as fluffy as other brushes but I love it for tapping powder all over the face, then I just brush off the excess with the fan brush.

Blush Brush - It is the mini version of the Powder Brush, and it is the perfect size for tapping powder blush on the cheeks. I love tapping motions when it comes to applying powders on my face since I feel that I was really able to push it on the skin.

Contour Brush - I love how it is angled and it fits perfectly on the hollows of the cheek. It is a bit flimsy for applying a strong contour if you are into that, but I like it for applying bronzer on the cheeks, temples and jawline.

Foundation Brush - This is synthetic and I am really inlove with this brush! I have bad experience when it comes to flat or paddle foundation brushes since I find that they apply thickly and streaky, but this brush is different. You can actually blend your cream and liquid foundation very smooth and nicely with this brush.

Small Fan Brush - I am really excited that this brush is included it the set. I love highlighters and this is the perfect tool for applying highlighter. This is perfect for light application of highlighting powders.
Moving on to the eye brushes, let's start off with the ones with natural hairs.

Eye Shadow Brush - This is big eyeshadow brush for packing on eyeshadow on the lids. I love that it picks up powder shadows really well and you can definitely wet it for foil application.

Fluff Brush - This is their own version of the MAC 217 or Sigma E25 brush. This is an all around brush that you can apply and blend eyeshadow with.

Medium Angled Shading Brush - This is like the Eye Shadow Brush, but as the name said, it is angled. Not really sure where to use it, but I love applying my browbone color with this brush.

Eye Contour Brush - My favorite out of all the eye brushes! It is a round brush with a flat top and this makes applying your outer V color so much easier. What I like to do is with my eyes open, I just wedge this brush on the outer corners and just blend out the edges. I really, really love this brush.

Moving on to the synthetic eye brushes:
Large Eye Shadow Brush - This is a soft synthetic brush that is perfect for applying concealer. Yes, it is the perfect size and it applies concealer beautifully.

Medium and Short Eye Shadow Brush - They are basically the same flat shadow brushes, but much shorter.

Smudge Brush - Another favorite! I love this brush for smudging your eyeliner or for applying eyeshadow on the lower lashline.

Angled Eye Shadow Brush - Again, it is the same as the flat shadow brushes, but it is angled. It is stiff, so I am lost on where or how to use this.
Concealer Brush - This is a bit small for a concealer brush, but I guess it can work for spot concealing.

Eyeliner Brush - I find this brush weird, since I think the bristles are too long for using it to tightline the eyes. It is stiff though, but because of that it does not pick up gel or cream liners really well.

Lip Brush - This is something new for me, since this lip brush is a bit short and is square shaped. I haven't really tried applying my lipstick with this, but it picks up the product really well.

Precise Eye Liner Brush - I LOVE this! I actually like it better than my Artist Studio Liner Brush, since this is more stiffer and the brushes are more intact. It really applies upper liner precisely.

Angle Brow Brush - This is a decent brush. It is a bit long and flimsy for applying brow powder, but if you just want to color the brows with powder this might work. I just love using this to apply highlight color on the inner lower lashline.

And for the miscellaneous brushes:
Sponge Applicator - You'd be surprised on how sponges like this works well on applying eyeshadow, but I prefer using this to blend out areas that you spot conceal.

Smudge Eye Shadow - I really don't like this one. I find that it tugs and hurts my eye when I use it.

Lash - Or commonly known as a spoolie. I love using this on my brows, but you can also use this for mascara.

Eyebrow Comb - The brush side is really helpful for taming your eyebrows, while the comb side can be used to brush through the lashes and remove mascara clumps.

Now before I give you my pros and cons on this brush set, I wanted to show you some comparisons:
As you can see, the powder brush is longer but is less fluffy. If you are someone who wants to buff your setting powder instead of tapping it in, you might not like this brush.
The foundation brush from this set is really dense but soft and can really blend the liquid foundation really, really well.
The handles are as long as the Artist Studio brushes which can be purchased in Landmark.
These brushes are exactly the same and performs the same.
I prefer the Artist Studio Brush since it is softer and fluffier and it can be used for blending out the edges of the eyeshadow.
I am not sure if you'll be surprised but I really prefer the free brush from Maybelline for tightlining my eyes with the gel liner since it is shorter and picks up the product really well.

What I like about this product:
- Long, professional handles.
- Very sturdy.
- Brushes did not bleed.
- Easy to clean.
- No shedding on the synthetic brushes.
- Lots of brushes to play around with.

What I didn't like about this product:
- The natural hair brushes sheds.
- Only available online through Romwe.
- Shipping may take a long time (normally 2 to 3 weeks).

If you are looking for a decent brush set that you can use, then this is the perfect brush set. But if you have enough nicer brushes then maybe you can give this a pass. For me, I love this brush set especially the eye brushes. They have changed and helped a lot when I create certain eye looks.

They were sold out for a time, but if you are interested you can this from Romwe via this link. Thank you so much for reading and let me know if you have any questions, requests, etc. on the comments below.

I started work again so I might be a bit busy but do not worry because I will be posting regularly. Stay pretty guys, have a blessed Sunday, and goodluck!

-- Maica :)


  1. Leilani GamboaFebruary 16, 2014 at 6:35 PM

    awww two months?? grabe tagal.. ung order ko one month na dipa duumarating ;(

  2. Nix SayoFebruary 17, 2014 at 1:46 PM

    I love how the brushes are labeled so I know what to use with which makeup product. :)

  3. Maica SaldoFebruary 27, 2014 at 5:28 AM

    True! Dati naman when I read about Romwe walang complains, pero ngayon grabe talaga.