Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review and Swatches: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner (New and Old Formula)

Hello guys! Yes, two posts in a day (because I feel bad for missing my schedule yesterday); I just want to have this up before I go to sleep and wake up for work at 3 AM. This is going to be a review of the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner, both the old and new formula.
I bought the old formula last year at 50% off for only ₱249. I was just looking for a good brown gel eyeliner and I have heard good reviews on this one. I was actually wondering why it's half the price and why the packaging seems different; turns out they were clearing their inventory to make way for the new formulation and new packaging of these liners. I got the new formula in Black from at Kering Keri Store for ₱400, mall price is ₱499.
The old formula claims up to 24 hours of wear, while the new formula claims up to 36 hours and that it is more intense than the old one. Honestly, I can attest that these liners last for a long time (who in the right mind will wear liner for 24-36 hours?). They both claim to be smudge-proof, sweat proof and waterproof. Now that is not 100% true, because they are not as budge-proof as I want them to be, but they work very decently on my eyes and it takes a very, very, very hot weather and a couple of hours before I worry if they already transferred, smudged, etc.

Packaging wise, the old formula is housed in a round glass jar with silver screw top, while the new formula is in a plastic container with a square cut. If I go with the looks, the new formula looks classy and "high end" but I prefer the old packaging since the glass somehow keeps the liner from drying up.
As you can see, I've shown much love on my brown liner since I have it for almost a year now. Oh, and do you know that it comes with a free brush? Yes, and I love this brush! This is my go-to brush If I use the liners to tightline, actually even to line my waterline. It is stiff enough but soft at the ends which helps to create a smooth line with one stroke. This is something that I always go back to and I think a must have. :)
And now for some swatches:
Now the black liner is your straight up black matte, while the brown comes with micro-glitters, and I think even in the new formula it still has glitters in it, which I really don't mind because it does not show up super shiny on the eyes.

The new formula claims to be more intense than the old one, but I beg to differ. I can get more pigmentation on the old formula. If you want a super pigmented line, you have to load up your brush with the product. Plus, the new formula takes a bit more time to set than the old one.

Here is what it looks like on the eyes (please excuse my crappy eyeliner skills):
If I have to choose between the two, honestly I can't. There is not much of a difference for me, aside from the packaging as well as the intensity of the line, which I can definitely work around with.

What I like about this product:
- Locally available, both in malls and online stores.
- Affordable for a gel liner.
- Creamy and smooth, applies evenly on the lids.
- Glides on easily, doesn't tug the eyes.
- Once set, it is waterproof.
- Long lasting.
- Fragrance free.
- Does not irritate my eyes.
- Comes with a free brush.

What I didn't like about this product:
- Packing can get a bit messy if you are not careful.
- Slight transfer on the waterline.

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable, quality gel liner, this is the way to go! Plus, you can use the product for a long time since it does not dry up on the container, but take precautions still (make sure that the cap is tightly sealed, do not expose the gel liner without a cap for a long time, etc.). I tried the San San Gel Liner, but the products dries up quickly, same as with the ELF Cream Liner. I also used the Rimmel Waterproof Gel Liner, but this product has less transfer and more budgeproof than Rimmel.

I hope that you find this review helpful. Let me know what you think on the comments below. And one more thing before I go: thank you so much to everyone who liked my entry for the Be Max Factor's Junior Makeup Artist Contest. I am one of the Top 16 contestants! Woohoo! Hope you can support me once another round of voting starts, yes? :)

Thank you so much for reading guys, and I will see you in my next post! Goodluck!

-- Maica :)


  1. SandeeMarch 23, 2014 at 5:52 PM

    cool review! i'd probably give this a try as I haven't tried a liner like this yet. :) also congratulations on being on the Top 16! :)

    i've just made a beauty blog. would you mind visiting it and making some suggestions? thanks in advance!! :)

  2. Maica SaldoMarch 26, 2014 at 3:25 AM

    Thank you so much Sandee!

    I checked your blog and I must say I like your writing style and the way you review your products. :) Keep it up!

  3. Jaylee MiguelMarch 27, 2014 at 11:21 PM

    Awesome review, I'll need to give this a go! X