Friday, June 6, 2014

My Monthly Favorites: May 2014

Hello Pinay Beauties! It is time to share with you my favorites for May; these items are something that I have been abusing for the past month. Let's take a look, shall we?

I don't have a lot of new favorites, not because I am not trying new products but just because I love my Covergirl and Naturactor foundations and other things that I have featured from my past favorites.

This was not included in the Ellana Haul/Review because I got this after I posted it. This is actually a concealer that can be used as a foundation, and I read a blogpost on how she was able to achieve full coverage using this product. I, on the other hand, struggled so hard to make this work. Its either too sheer that I can't use it alone, or it comes out super patchy because I am trying to build up the coverage. I tried several brushes to buff and blend with no luck.

I was about to abandon this when I saw Wayne Goss' video on how to prevent cakiness. The trick was to buff in mineral foundation before your cream or liquid product. This is the only mineral foundation I have so I tried it out, and I love the result! My makeup didn't cake up and it last for more than 8 hours without melting/fading. That is the only reason this is included in my favorites; it worked for me not as a stand alone product but under my liquid or cream foundation. It works so well, try it out and let me know if it works for you too!

This is a "Youtube Made Me Buy It" product. I saw Shannon use this to set her concealer so I tried it. Yes, it has glitters but when applied with a fluffy brush the glitters come off. This is not something that you can pat under your eyes though, or else it will look like disco. The powder itself sets my concealer really well and adds a little bit more brightness.

I bought this in impulse when I claimed my free Avon bra, and I do not regret it. Ever since I became more confident in my eyeshadow application skills, I find myself being more adventurous with eyeshadows and exploring more colors. This palette is still actually versatile, as it has a neutral shades in it, so if you want to keep your eye makeup simple, you can just use the browns in the palette. 

I do not know what is it with this blush, but I find myself gravitating to it the past couple of weeks. I love that it is subtle, and mixed with my bronzer, the color just looks gorgeous. I have been mentioning Pixy Cosmetics a lot, and it is because their products are really great. I am not sure when are they going to officially launch their products here in the Philippines, so follow their Facebook page for updates.

My go to brow product. Why? Because of the wax. If you have long, thick brow hair like mine, a trick to keep them in place before filling them in is taking a wax in your finger and swiping them over the brows. I also use the lighter brow powder to fill in my brows because it goes well with my current hair color.

This, the secret to long lasting lipstick, is the bomb! If your lips are cracked or freshly exfoliated, I am going to warn you now that it will sting like hell! My advise is you exfoliate your lips at night, then keep it moisturized so that the net day, when you apply this it wouldn't sting you. I will have a quick video on how to use this product, so please stay tuned.

I am addicted to this lip balm! I love the minty, cool, refreshing feeling it gives my lips, and would you believe it makes my breath smell good too? Nothing but love for this one.

My hair has been super dry because I recently colored it and I have been putting it in a pony tail or a bun, even if its still a bit wet. I know, that is a crime, therefore my hair was damaged. Thanks to this bad boy, my hair feels super soft, shiny and healthy now. After taking a shower, I let my hair dry in front of a fan, then when its damp I apply this. I love how it smells too! I am not sure where I can purchase one after I use this up, but I think any argan oil will work to restore and keep your hair healthy.

And that's it! I hope you enjoy this post, and please watch out for my next post because it will be a review & demo plus a giveaway! :) I know you love giveaways, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading loves! Stay pretty, always be happy and goodluck!

-- Maica :)

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  1. RaeJune 7, 2014 at 5:20 AM

    Super effective talaga nung suggestion ni wayne goss. Tapos when I went to Nars earlier today, nabanggit sa workshop yun. The makeup artist put toner then serum, tapos nilagyan nya ng loose powder, then cream compact. Galing!