Tuesday, June 3, 2014

School Makeup Kit Recommendations & Quick Makeup Look

Hello Pinay Beauties! It is now June and most of you will be starting (or have started) classes, so I thought I would do a school makeup kit recommendations and a quick makeup look that you can do in just 10 minutes. Interested? Keep on reading. :)
When I was in college, makeup wasn't really a big deal. I mean yes, some wear makeup but others really don't mind. Nowadays, its like a necessity, who doesn't want to look good and feel good about themselves? So if you have or haven't allocated a budget for your makeup kit, I hope this will be helpful for you to decide which products you might want to purchase.

It's been awhile since I did this type of post, and I actually enjoyed researching and shopping my makeup stash for products to recommend to you guys. Please note that these are my own and honest opinions, I would not recommend something that doesn't work just because it is cheap. These recommendations are based on my experience with the product, as well as other people's review about them, but at the end of the day you should do your own research as well and test out the products if it is something that you like.

Let's start with the essentials first. Shall we begin?

Not all people need base makeup, but for those who do, I think a BB Cream is the best option. BB Creams are your all-in-one makeup + sunscreen + moisturizer, so you can never go wrong with it. Careline has a BB Cream for ₱99 only, which is good for those with normal to dry skin. If you want an easier way to apply it, try the Maybelline BB Stick which is a bit more pricey for ₱199.

For people with blemishes, I also have something that will work for you. If you have normal to dry skin, go for the San San BB Cream, it provides amazing coverage and it only costs ₱150. For combination to oily, I recommend the Fashion 21 Perfect Stick which costs ₱185.

And if you don't like the hassle of liquid/cream products, you can never go wrong with powder foundation. I love this Bobbie Cosmetics Dare To Bare Duo Powder. This costs ₱199 but is a bit harder to find as it is only available in Mini Stop outlets. You can still go with the two-way cake foundations from Ever Bilena, Nichido and Fanny Serrano. They are a bit pricier but they work well. 

And if you need a setting powder, I highly recommend the Careline Oil Control Powder for only ₱55, as well as the Fashion 21 Powders which costs ₱130 for the refill. They have different variants too, such as Milk Moisturizers, Tea Tree Oil, etc.

Everyone wants a little flush of color on their cheeks, yes? I personally love powder blushes, because they are just super convenient. One of my all time faves is the Careline Oil Control Blush which costs ₱80, it is super pigmented and it does come with a sponge for application. If you are wary of over-blushing, then go for Bobbie Cosmetics Blush Crush, which costs ₱90. A great buy as well will be the Fashion 21 Matte Blush, which is a bit more pricey for ₱140 but you can get 3 different shades of blush. And if you prefer cream blushes, go for the Nichido Multiple Stick, which you can also use for your lips. Apply your cream blush or tint first after your BB cream/foundation and before powder, just so if you applied too much, the powder will help blend and mute the color.

Eyebrows frame the face, so make sure you have well-groomed brows always. I advise that you start with powders instead of pencils, because powders look more natural and are easier to blend/work with. A great starter set will be the Fashion 21 Eyebrow Duo, ₱150, which also comes with an applicator (I misplaced mine). You can also go for matte brown shadows, like this San San eyeshadow that costs ₱55 only. And if you have fuller brows, go for a brow mascara instead! It is very easy and convenient. I have the Etude House Color My Brows (₱300+) but there are cheaper alternatives, like the Fairy Girl Eyebrow Mascara from Pretty Angel Shoppe.

For eyeliners, you can go with black or brown, pencil, liquid or gel, it's really up to you. For pencil, I recommend the Nichido Minerals Pencil, which costs ₱138. They have a black one (the silver one) as well as different shades of brown. For liquid, the cheapest yet very effective for me is the San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen for only ₱85. It is a pen type eyeliner and has a felt tip so it is easy to use.

For mascaras, you can never go wrong with Maybelline. Their mascaras ranges from ₱300-₱400, but it is cheaper online. You can also check out Essence mascaras, price range is from ₱170 to ₱200+. Locally, I find this EB Advance HD Waterproof Mascara a steal for ₱250, because it comes with 2 free eyeliners. You can also check the Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara, it didn't wok for me but a lot of other people loves that mascara.

And of course, the lips. Go for something natural and moisturizing, you don't want to wear a red or purple lipstick and distract your professor while teaching right? I would recommend the EB Evera Lip Glow₱80, for a glossy finish yet it leaves a tint on your lips. A good option is as well is the Maybelline Baby Lips Color (₱89) because it is a lip balm but will tint your lips too. Since I am a lipstick kind of girl, I also recommend my favorite Bobbie Cosmetics Lipsticks in LS-01 and LS-04 since these are the ones that lasts long on the lips. And they are only for ₱85.

And if you still have money to spare, here are some "miscellaneous" items that you can add to your kit, but note that you can always do without these.
Primers create a smooth base for your foundation/BB cream application, makes your makeup last longer, acts as a barrier for your skin, and this particular primer helps minimize your pores. I can only suggest the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser because it is one of the cheapest, readily available and a good primer on the market.

Setting spray on the other hand sets your makeup in place so that it doesn't look powdery as well as help refresh your makeup throughout the day. You can try this ELF Makeup Mist & Set, it feels refreshing to the face and you can also use this prior to makeup application. Or, just use plain water and an old spray bottle. :)
Of course, eyeshadows. You actually do not need eyeshadows, unless it is a school event where you really have to be dolled up. I suggest you stick to something basic, like quads, trios, duos and small palettes with basic colors. I love the Ever Bilene Matte Eyeshadow Duo, the Wet N Wild Trio and Bobbie Cosmetics Spectracular Lid Quad. There are also palettes from other brands that has a mix of eyeshadow and blushes, just like the Shawill Eyeshadow & Blusher Palette, which has 8 shadows and 1 blush.
Last but not the least, tools. For me, fingers are still the best tool, anything that a brush can do, your fingers can do it too. Aside from curling your lashes of course, so invest in an eyelash curler. The one that I have here is the FS Slim Eyelash Curler, but they also have the regular one for under ₱200. And if you want to own a brush, go for a face brush, you can always use it in different ways. Here I have a flat top angled brush which I can use for blending my BB Cream, patting powder on top and applying blush. Landmark has a wide selection of brushes for ₱150 or less, and the quality are nice too. The bristles are soft, the handles are sturdy and they do not shed.

And those are my recommendations! I know this post is pretty long, so let's move right into the tutorial:
1. I applied my Fashion 21 Perfect Stick and blended it in with my fingers. I then took a powder to set it, I just used the sponge and used patting motions all over my face.
2. Taking the lighter color on my brow powder, I lightly filled in my brows, making sure to fill all the gaps and spaces.
3. I used a brown eyeliner and lined my crease and outer lower lashline area, used my fingers to blend it and making sure there are no lines. Taking the black liner, I lined my upper lashline to create an illusion of fuller lashes. Do not line your waterline with the black eyeliner as it will close your eyes.
4. Of course, I curled my lashes and applied mascara on my upper lashes only.
5. I then used my fingers to blend in the blush on my cheeks, then I finished it off with my lipstick.

Here is the finished look, it looks fresh and natural:
And my makeup kit costs:

 Fashion 21 Perfect Stick       ₱185 
Bobbie Cosmetics Powder   ₱199
Fashion 21 Eyebrow Duo      ₱150
EB Mascara + 2 Eyeliners     ₱250
FS Slim Eyelash Curler          ₱125
Careline Oil Control Blush    ₱80  
Bobbie Cosmetics Lipstick    ₱85  
                               TOTAL    ₱1,074

Not bad right? :) I hope this has been helpful to all you guys! And this is not only for school, but for work as well. How about you, what are inside your school makeup kit? Would love to see what products you use guys, so leave a comment below!

Thank you so much for reading, let me know if you have any questions, and as always, goodluck!

-- Maica :)


  1. Becoming SleekJune 3, 2014 at 3:05 PM

    Love this! I hope I had this sort of guide when I was just a student, or heck, even when I was just starting out with makeup!

  2. Maica SaldoJune 3, 2014 at 3:33 PM

    Thanks dear! Yeah, I wish I had this too before, could have helped me a lot! :D

  3. CassieJune 3, 2014 at 5:51 PM

    My favorite is hbc's pen eyeliner too bad, that their outlets here in Antipolo is still out of stock. :) nice info dear very helpful. ♥


  4. Roscin RosalesJune 5, 2014 at 5:43 PM

    love this blogpost! i can now include ministop outlets in my to check out list hehe. I love new discoveries when it comes to make ups! thanks :>