Saturday, July 19, 2014

Review and Swatches: Maybelline Color Sensational Elixir Lip Color

Hello guys! I have been away from blogging and makeup, and I am finally back! I know you have heard it a lot of times before, especially from me, but bloggers are people too with personal problems and stuff. But anyway, today I wanted to share with you my review of the Maybelline Elixir Lip Color in the shade Vision Violet.

These are not new in the market, and I believe in Asia they are called Lip Polish, but seriously, I think the Elixirs have a better formula and color selection. According to Maybelline, they are lip glosses with hyper-saturated color and ultra cushiony feel, they are a cross between a lip gloss, a lip balm and a lip stain.

There are 20 shades available for this. The first shade I got is Vision in Violet, and while I do have Mauve Mystique (my favorite by the way!) I will just review the color Vision in Violet. It is a bright purple color and I think this is one of the most opaque shade from the line.
As I have said, they are a cross between a gloss, a balm and a stain. First application, it provides nice shine while it feels very moisturizing on the lips. Just like other glosses, the color tends to move and the opacity varies from application. However, after a few hours it starts to feel tacky and as the gloss is being removed, it leaves a nice stain on the lips. Here are some swatches:
The applicator is really nice as well. It deposits the right amount of the gloss, it feels soft and application is very easy. Even though this is a bright color, the applicator makes it easier for me to apply it without messing it up.
The smell is actually pleasant for me. It is a sweet candy vanilla scent with a hint of a flowery perfume scent, hope this makes sense. Some might find it overpowering or annoying, but I really like how it smells. You might not like the taste though, it is a bit bitter because of the perfume in it.

So this is how Vision in Violet looks on my lips:
As you can see, it leaves streaks of colors and some parts have more opacity than the others. It can be worn alone, or under a nice purple lip liner or lipstick. Here's how it looks like on me:
Clearly after 4 hours, it left a nice berry purple stain on my lips, which I really don't mind.

What I like about this product:
- All in one product: lip gloss, lip balm and lip stain.
- It feels really comfortable on the lips.
- Lots of shades to choose from.
- Can be worn alone or under a lip liner/lip stick.
- Applicator is easy to use.
- Cute packaging.

What I didn't like about this product:
- Might be a bit pricey for ₱260.
- Opacity varies from shade to shade.
- Application might be a bit a streaky.
- Available online only, through Bon Marche.

Over all, I love this color and I love this line from Maybelline. As I have mentioned earlier, I got another shade which is Mauve Mystique and it is my go to lip color. It is like a no-brainer makeup product that you just swipe and go. I would love to try more shades of these! If you are interested in trying this baby, go ahead to Bon Marche, they have all shades available and in stock.

Note: This product was sent to me by Bon Marche for review, but everything was of my own and honest opinion.

Hope you enjoy this quick review. As always, I just wanted to go straight to the point and tell you if the product is worth it or not. Anyways, I will be posting more reviews soon (I have a lot of pending reviews in my "blogger" folder) so please watch out for it. Thank you so much for reading guys! Mwuah!

-- Maica :)

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  1. Riscia NaduraJuly 21, 2014 at 9:38 PM

    Woah. I don't think I will have enough confidence to be able to pull this off. It looks good on you, Ms. Maica. I'm jealous but I think I'll just stick with my lip balms :))