Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easy Animal Print Nail Art Design Using Two Way Nail Art Pen & Brush

Hi everyone and happy weekend! Today I wanted to share with you how to easily create animal print nail art by using a unique product from Eazy Fashion, the Two Way Nail Art Pen & Brush.

Let me discuss the product first. When I saw this on their website, curiosity hit me so I purchased 2 shades, black and silver glitter. The one I used to create this nail art is the black one.

Sorry, the print got erased because I already played around with this a couple of times now. What's unique about this is that it comes with both a pen and a striper brush.

To use the pen, you just need to squeeze the bottle and the product dispenses in its very fine point. I love how it's so easy to control and it can create precise dots, lines, etc. Just make sure that the cap is closed tightly or else the product will spill, which happened to me earlier.

The striper on the other hand is a bit stiff which is what I prefer especially if you are doing lines, but it's still too thick for me so I cut a few strands of the brush to make it more thinner.

As for the nail polish quality, I like how opaque it is. The consistency is okay as well, not too thick and not too thin as well, and I think it dries a bit fast. In all honesty, the silver glitter I purchased is a bit of a let down since the glitters are too big to be dispensed by the pen, but I can still use it with the brush so its okay, I just thought I should have gotten the yellow color instead.

Now let me show you how you can easily create the animal print design using this nail art pen.

1) First, search for photos of the print that you wanted to recreate, so that you will have a pattern or an idea on how you will draw it.

2) Paint your nails with a nail polish of your choice. I am using here the Korean Shisem Nail Polish in M64. I just love the color of this polish, and it is very opaque that you only need 1 coat.

3) Making sure that your base polish is dry, the next step is to draw on the design of your choice using the nail art pen. Squeeze the bottle first until you can see the polish on the tip of the pen. My tip would be to practice doing some lines on a piece of paper first, so you can have an idea on how you should hold the pen, how tight should you squeeze the bottle, how thick or thin the lines are, etc.

I created 4 animal print designs: leopard, tiger, giraffe and zebra prints.

Leopard Print Design
For me, this is the most challenging to create. Although they are just irregular semi circles, making it look like a leopard print is hard, so take your time and if you are still not confident, practice in a piece of paper before drawing your nails.

Tiger Print
I love this print! It is actually easy to create since you only need to create vertical lines and connect some of them. To make it look more realistic, use a yellowish brown base color for that full tiger effect.

Giraffe Print
The easiest out of all the 4 prints! Create the borders of the irregular square first, then fill it in using the pen as well. Very easy and chic, it will look nice regardless of what colors you would like to use.

Zebra Print
This design is the same concept as of the tiger print, but instead of vertical line you need to create horizontal lines. Tip is to start at the sides of the nails, alternating the lines and also creating lines at the center. A very chic nail art design as well, same as the giraffe print and will look good in any color combination you choose to use.

4) Finish it off with a top coat to seal in your design. Here is the finished look:

Very easy right? I love this nail art design, as I am a sucker for animal prints.

If you wanted to get your own nail art pen, go to Eazy Fashion's website to order. There are a lot of colors available for ₱88, or if you purchase 6 items you can get it for ₱59 only.

Tomorrow will be the first ever BDJ Box's Beauty Social at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium. I am attending 3 talks and will also hang out at the different booths. Who's going tomorrow? Let me know so we can meet up!

Thank you so much for reading. I still have a lot of reviews and tutorials in line, so watch out for that. I will see you on my next post. Goodluck!

-- Maica :)


  1. Cj EscuadroMarch 23, 2013 at 10:11 PM

    This nail tut is awesome sis! :) Imma try this one :) Thanks for this great post! And enjoy BDJ box's beauty social.How I wish I could come so we could meet up :(

    1. maicafrancesMarch 24, 2013 at 1:25 AM

      Thank you so much dear! I just did my mom's nails using matte black polish and the black nail art pen to create the zebra stripes. The texture of glossy over matte is amazing! :)

      Aw! I know we will meet soon dear. Are you planning to visit here in Manila?

  2. Andrea EstradaOctober 24, 2013 at 10:11 PM

    I also love doing nail art. And I love your idea probably try this one! Thanks :*